Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Reza. Photographer. Colombo. 24th Janaury 2006

Reza was born in Iran but now lives in Paris. Last night we had the pleasure of seeing a film on his work for the National Geographic. A gentle but strong soul, he is here in Sri Lanka to try and launch a magazine for children.

He is a brilliant photographer.


Null said...

Gosh, where is he launching the magazine? I'd love to meet him - have heard a lot about him, especially his pioneering work in Afghanistan etc, for National Geographic..

Do you know where he will be/when he is launching his mag... thanks

Dominic Sansoni said...

Reza left the island yesterday. If you can e-mail me on I will find a contact for him or e-mail him direct at

Null said...

Sigh.. Pity he left.

Ah well maybe he will be back.
He's quite a remarkable man isnt he?

I will try and email him and just say Hi... thanks for giving me the address!

PS: Your photo of him is truly remarkable.. You really captured his spirit

By the way - have you considered adding your photos to Flickr?