Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Christy Wickremasinghe.

I met Christy in the home of Mahen Vaithianathan. Mahen is now dead. Mahen was fun, outrageous, had great music, could be very caustic and often threw us all out of his home at Charles Circus in Colpetty. We used to call him the Ring Master. One mad evening, three friends watched Mahen and Chitrasena dance together; they were quite mad, and Mahen's trousers nearly fell down. His trousers were always nearly falling down.
Christy is a gentle man who went to school at Trinity College in Kandy. When he was 14 a school outing had him walking from Tissamaharama to Katargama, through the Yala Park and up onto the East Coast. School excursions now take you to soft drink factories...
Christy knows about elephants, lived in a tent, drank scotch, and wore an amude when he felt like it. Today he brought me a picture of himself and Leonard Woolf taken at Buttuwa in Yala.
Christy dropped in today and enjoyed meeting Kevin Clogstoun. I hope one day we will see the suprb pictures of Christy that Kevin took today.
Long live Christy!

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claasz said...

Dear dominic
I recollect Christopher Wichremasinghe very well. He and my father, Vere Claasz were very good friends. I remember Christopher bringing home a leopard cub.

FYI- I have a collection of publications on Ceylon together with other materialheld in the National Library of Australia at Canberra. the public have access to the books and periodicals but not to the manuscripts