Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shooting the Shooter.

This is Timothy Seneviratne.
Timothy is also a photographer. He has a great eye, and makes middle aged people like myself nervous.
I often feel I have become staid and boring in most of the pictures I take.
It is exciting for me to meet Tim who has a fresh eye. He is also a film maker. Check him out.
He has has funny things in his bag.


Sweet Idiot said...

I know timmy...think he's brilliant!

Sky worker said...

I have seen his work and I agree with you that hiss got an eye! He is willing to try things outside the box as they say! People like this should be encouraged to keep trying different stiles. Do you know if he has any of hiss work in any exhibitions or in books? Hiss is film maker too? Has he got a GF?
Keep kicking!