Saturday, August 25, 2012

Andrew White at BAREFOOT - Saturday 25 th 6pm to 9pm - a Colombo Music Festival fringe event. It's free!

Andrew is a great story teller. He draws you into his music with lyrics that are both meaningful and at times, deeply personal. In Walk in Light, you walk in Andrew’s shoes for a moment and come out on the other side better for it.” - Rob Poland, Candyrat Records

We have an evening of fine music between 6 and 9 this evening.  Andrew White, here for the Colombo Music festival, should be a joy! His guitar work and lyrics are just wonderful.

Here is a link to his music.. click here

Glen Terry and Jerome Speldewinde will be playing too, so we can promise you some fine blues and jazz too.

And yes, the concert is free!

Rumour has it Kesara has a birthday... come and celebrate!

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