Monday, March 15, 2010 think you know a lot?

By some strange malevolent happenstance, the designers seem to have left five whole working days between weekends. Clearly, for some of us, this gap is far too long to endure and a call for corrective action is almost a physical response (hic). Although the SL government does grant the highest number of public holidays in the world, we find that it is just not good enough.

Therefore, the reappearance of the Colombo Pub Quiz on the social calendar is very welcome. Now, it’s on every Wednesday at 8.30pm at the Barefoot Cafe, nestled snugly between a Tuesday and a Thursday. You will notice, the quiz is symmetrically placed between two working days at either end -equidistant, as it were, from the weekends. Thus, it provides an oasis in the middle of the week, where journeymen traversing the vast desert of the five-day working week can stop awhile and quench their thirst.

Sheer genius, if you ask me.

For more information, please speak to

Jehan Mendis : 0773-527969 or

Navin Ratnayake : 0777-763650

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Blogger #1 said...

Does this mean there won't be questions on politics, tyranny, oppression or Burma?