Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Insider, Outsider? Photography that challenges perceptions of the developing world

Insider, Outsider? 
Photography that challenges perceptions of the developing world
3-22 July 2012
Daily 10am-6pm (free admission)
Guardian Gallery, Kings Place, London N1 9GU 

Local photographers have an insider perspective that is unique, reflecting on and revealing previously untold stories around them. Their privileged access enables them to develop an intimate understanding of their subjects and theme. Using photography as a powerful communication tool, they enable us to see something differently, or see something we haven’t seen before.

However, whilst ‘insiders’ locally, many photographers from the developing world are ‘outsiders’ on the global image market, remaining under represented as storytellers about their own countries. Majority World Photo Agency supports these photographers by making their work visible, and by enabling them to earn money by selling globally. In so doing it also contributes to a greater diversity of voices and viewpoints describing the developing world.

‘Insider, Outsider?’ is Majority World’s first UK exhibition featuring 17 photographers from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East sharing critical, thoughtful and intimate stories close to home. 

Featuring images taken by

A. M. Ahad, Bangladesh
Aaron Sosa, Panama/Venezuela
Adolphus Opara, Nigeria
Andrés Lofiego, Argentina
Andrew Esiebo, Nigeria
Daniel Patiño Flor, Ecuador
Dominic Sansoni, Sri Lanka
Fabrice Monteiro, Benin
Farzana Hossen, Bangladesh
Kishor Sharma, Nepal
Màrio Macilau, Mozambique
M. Anisul Hoque, Bangladesh
Neo Ntsoma, South Africa
Samar Hazboun, Palestine
Shadi Ghadirian, Iran
Shankar Sarkar, India
Tammy David, Philippines

Majority World Photo Agency is an innovative social enterprise that works with talented photographers from the developing world. We specialise in high quality imagery that provides unique insights into local cultures, development issues, environments and contemporary lifestyles in these diverse continents. We also work with clients to commission assignments with our experienced photographers who understand the language, the culture, and the locality because it is their own.

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