Thursday, December 02, 2010


COLOUR - MAURITIUS has just been published. A review is here.

The book was designed by Nelun Harasgama Nadaraja, Premkumar handled all the complicated design programs and it was beautifully printed by Shehan de Silva.

The entire book was a 'Shehan de Silva Production' - with his new Scholatastic Approach to publishing. Shehan has perfected a system where ALL work can be produced in-house, with no need for photographers, designers, travel or layout... Scholatasticism is the way forward. Please refer Wikileaks... sorry, Wikipedia. For this knowledge and skill we all most sincerely thank him.

An even BIGGER thank you to Pascale Siew my publisher, who was more than brave, had faith, and allowed me to wander. Pascale, 'THANK YOU".

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