Friday, July 31, 2009

Udappuwa Festival has begun.


Kirigalpoththa said...

I have visited this place but not during festive season.

Udappuwa Kovil is a beautful place. Also there is a location further up where you get seashore from both sides.

Thnaks for the post!

dev wijewardane said...

great shot.
how did you do the BW conversion? My guess is channel mixer in PS?

Dominic Sansoni said...

Thanks Dev,
To be honest I cannot remember how I did this particular conversion! Probably a simple CONTROL+SHIFT+U (which drives the puritans a bit crazy) and then some further adjustment. I now use SilverEfx Pro for all the B&W conversions - it is superb! My new images from the festival will be on in the next few weeks. many thanks for writing in.

Dominic Sansoni said...

Kirigalpoththa - many thanks. yes, the coast North of Udappu is fascinating - I travel North from there staying as close to the beach as possible. This usually means looking for a tractor to pull one out!
Many moons ago I claimed your namesake with my daughter Isabella (just a few years old..) on my shoulders. What a lovely place!

dev wijewardane said...

Thanks for the reply Dominic, much appreciated. I'm trying to get my head around BW processing in PS at the moment. I've still not been able to get the tones to my liking. Hopefully it is just a matter of time!