Monday, February 16, 2009

THE OPEN REHEARSALS - by musicians of The Chamber Music Society of BAREFOOT GALLERY this evening at 7.15

The Chamber Music Society of Colombo and the BAREFOOT GALLERY will present The Open Rehearsal series, which consists of live music in a work-in-progress format. Expect to see between three and six musicians of the Society at rehearsal involving both classical and contemporary approaches. The organizers hope to weave this music into the cultural tapestry of Colombo's nightlife, presently saturated by more popular forms of musical entertainment.

By bringing chamber music out of its rarefied environment of the concert hall, and making it more accessible to an audience who would not otherwise hear such music in a live context, they hope to bring a wider public consciousness the awareness of this music's uniqueness and potency.

Artistes of the Society along with selected guests will use the creative space as an outlet to experiment with novel interpretations of the classics and explore new works of the avant-garde. This inter-relation between performers is a fundamental driving force behind the idea: dissolving boundaries that result from the specialization of musicians and bringing people, both audience and performers together in an intimate and non-formal environment.

We look forward to seeing you this evening. Entrance is free.

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