Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Diyaluma waterfall on 22nd Novermber 2008.

On the way to Buttala and then Bibile with Luxshman Nadaraja, Kevin Clogstoun and Chief Guest Sophia.


Phil Harrison said...

When did you turn into Ansel Adams? Still, a print of Bridalveil Fall is worth $10,000 so carry on, mate, carry on!

Mohammed Abidally said...

Beautiful and stunning shot, lots of "energy in the ether", the B&W conversion really works too, masterly composition, where are you drawing all this wisdom from? Is it the beedis?

PS Hope things sorted out in the car park the other day, thank god no life or limb was lost.

Dominic Sansoni said...

Thank you Phil and Mohammed,

The waterfall did it all! I drive past it at least once a month, and two weeks ago, it looked just stunning. You have to avoid the graffiti on the rocks lower down.
Yes, thank goodness no one was hurt and just real bad luck. We have cut all the trees now. Palms might be the replacement.

O.B.S. said...

Just amazing !... really miss road trips with you !!!