Sunday, October 05, 2008

For everyone with Pediculosis.. scratch the surface to see what this is all about.

Head Lice? A bit itchy? This might help.
Well, here are a few links that might bring relief.
Welcome to Head Lice dot Org is great for kids and parents.
Help from Harvard School of Public Health here. All sorts of interesting stuff on the site; crab lice, body lice, advice for school staff, etc And some images here.

Enjoy the week, Happy Monday everyone.

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david_dvdson said...

oh my good head lice ewww, i was just surfing the net when i found your blog, and i just had to comment.i really have a big problem with them, since i was a kid, i had them. im 23 now and still have them. i already tried everything. and they keep on coming back. i dont know what to do anymore.