Monday, October 27, 2008

Can someone please enlighten me? What is this?

"What would you say about the term development communication, communication for development and development support communication? Recently I've been read the book entitled Development Communication Sourcebook: Broadening the Boundaries of Communication by Paolo Mefalopulos and published in 2008 by The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank. The writer argues that development communication also referred as communication for development, development support communication and communication for social change. At the same spot, I also didn't see the differentiation after read book by Melkote & Steeves, Jan Servaes, Roger, Neville Jayaweera, Jan Nedeerven Pieterse and Naval Prabakhar & Narendra Basu."
comment by Zaheril on this blog


Yanik said...

Someone should give this guy a medal.

Phil Harrison said...

Can someone please enlighten me?, you ask on your blog. But I am not sure I can identify the source of your barrier to true understanding. Is it the original theory, the blog on the theory, the comment on the blog or your photograph of a man with a moustache? Or is it a general plea for enlightenment in troubled times?