Sunday, September 21, 2008

SRI LANKA. LUNUGANGA - the country home and garden of Geoffrey Bawa.

One of my all time favourite places - to visit, to stay, (the food is simple and excellent).
It is now open to the public for tours and stays. The following text is taken from

Lunuganga is the garden residence of the eminent Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Developed over a period of 50 years Lunuganga is about an hours drive from the capital Colombo. The garden, house and a series of villas occupy 15 acres of land, which overlook the Dedduwa lake and bird island sanctuary.
Geoffrey Bawa first acquired Lunuganga in 1948 and has used it ever since as a retreat, a place of contemplation integral to his architectural practice. The garden has also been an ongoing preoccupation in which Bawa has experimented, cultivated and developed his ideas about the relationship between landscape, architecture and space.

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