Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Isipathanaramaya, Colombo 5.

I am fortunate in having two special neighbourhood Buddhist temples; Asokaramaya and Isipathanaramaya. On Sunday I went back to the latter to after a gap of many years.
It was fun trying to replicate pictures I first took years ago but this time using a new camera that I am still trying out. The temple is well worth a visit for its collection of fine paintings that date from the 1920's CERNO, any thoughts on who the artist might have been?


Anonymous said...

Hi great to see you back taking pictures in quieter places :)

According to this sunday times article, Sarlis Master was involved in painting both temples. From my own experience, I've never seen another Sri Lankan artist make religious art in Sri Lanka seem so alive.

His grandson left a few comments with a URL on my blog post on Asokaramaya - though the URL is no longer working.

Would be interesting to see some of the early pictures you took

Dominic Sansoni said...

Thanks CERNO,
I did think they might have been his work. I have recorded many of the paintings on the ceiling - they are very good. I agree, his work is extraordinary. Let me try and dig up that picture from many years ago. The temple is well worth a visit. It is quiet, peaceful and a visual treat.