Monday, April 09, 2007

For Deshan and Beat courtesy of Thomas

(Go with the flow... ehem. Anything goes etc. I had a look at the link below. While your photo is fabulous for this saying, the text on Zen is rather off the track. Who wrote it? Since "anything goes", we leave it at that. However, the citation put into Beat's mouth actually came about through a lengthy e-mail conversation between him and me. He was going on about having the "Oasis" exhibit here and there all over the place, and running his other exhibit and book project "Ice and Water" at the same time, etc. I was defending the rationalist method of "unity of theme and place" upheld in event circles (it was originally applied in theatre), until I got fed up and said "anything goes". That actually is a far reaching philosophical utterance, not by myself, but by my philosophy professor, Paul Feyerabend, an American who taught in Zurich in the 80ies. (e.g. We went on about it until Beat finally came up with "anything goes, as long as it flows". That would now constitute the method by which we develop and design Oasis as an ongoing project and event tour... Quite an expansion on Feyerabend. So I say: Feierabend with Feyerabend! The German word "Feierabend" litterally means: "an evening to celebrate", after a hard day's work.)

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