Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blue Moon? No; a Red Moon. Lunar Eclipse.

Taken in the early hours of Sunday morning. The colour has been very slightly saturated. Thanks to Seb for use of his monster lens. (Please note that changes have been made to features on moon surface - anyone copying this picture has a manipulated image).


chinsen said...

great shot... that musta been a big lens! I spent all night pointin at the moon with a puny 300mm and it was so small! but what a stunning sight it was! :)

Dominic Sansoni said...

Thank you. A friend lent me his 600mm f4 Nikkor and a very heavy tripod to go with it. Picture taken on 'high speed crop' (ie. part of full frame), on a D2X. I think the lens equivalent for 35mm film is 1200mm. It's the first time I have ever used such a long lens.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

I was standing outside a pub in London with a group of people watching this too. Quite spectacular to see


chinsen said...

wow I was actually almost crying for a 600mm lens last night! :-) wow a D2X! Always nice to find a Nikon brother! ;-) I've posted my shots of the eclipse if you're interested :-)

I've never really had an opportunity to use a massive lens like that! must be pretty awesome! and dunno if you've already seen it, but theres this Carl Zeiss lens made for medium format cams, that is a 1700mm f/4, and weighs an insane 256kg... can't imagine where one of those would be used! check it!