Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Dream Assistant. Thailand.

Joe has been my assistant on an assignment in Thailand for the past 10 days. Working with him was a joy. He taught me so much, has the most wonderful way with people, and was more than generous in sharing with me the places, people and locations he knew. We started work each day at 6 (or earlier) and would only stop at night. We must have traveled over 1500km together, and there was never a rough word (though he must have wanted to throw me out many a time) during the entire journey. I owe him so much. This picture is of Joe with his partner May, a wonderful and thoughtful lady. Oh, and by the way, they know the BEST places to eat. Thanks Joe, your turn now to visit me in Sri Lanka and lets reverse the roles.


Anonymous said...

So, it was a blast? And, where are the river photos?

Dominic Sansoni said...

Well, I blew the assignment by doing very few pictures of the river...but, did get some others. I dont think I am allowed to show them in public till the book is published. Let me check, if I can do so, there will be few up on this site.