Saturday, January 27, 2007

Christine Wilson - book launch today at the D.B.U.

Christine Wilson nee Spittel.

Christine launched her new book today at the Dutch Burgher Union on Reid Avenue.
She looked fabulous (Christine is over 18...) and there were many friends and members of her family there for the occasion. Another gem of a book from Sam Perera and Ameena Hussein who must run the best (only?) publishing house on the island.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for gracing the occasion. You are indeed the master (only?) portrait photographer! What a fabulous picture of Christine! And thanks also for kind plug. ;-)

Dominic Sansoni said...

Hey Sam,
You are being too kind. I just sat at that table till I had something. That was a great morning - CW was thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dominic,

Found your blog on the net - a great picture of my Mum, she will love it. I did!
Anne Andersen

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photo of my grandmother. I have heard so much about the booklaunch, and wish that i could have been there myself. I know that Mimi was thrilled with it.
Christina :-)
Anne and Hennings daughter

Atula Siriwardane said...

Hi Dominic, We just now read Savage Sanctuary again and Google searched. We planned to meet her if possible and found that she had passed away few months ago. It is so sad.. and thanks for the photo. It is very beautiful..and graceful. Not a surprise since you are one of a kind.
Atula Siriwardane

Dominic Sansoni said...

Many thanks Atula, Chirstine was just wonderful and that was a very happy day for her.