Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sri Lanka. BRIEF. Mural by Donald Friend. Garden by Bevis Bawa.

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Design Eden said...

Hi Dominic,
I love your blog and all matters related to Brief, Bawa and Sri Lanka. Especially on the design and gardens side. I have joined your site as a follower and will look forward to reading your blogs on regular basis.
My wife and I visited Brief in October 2007, while visiting her father. Some of my poor photographs are on my blog:
Whenever I go to gardens that I love, it is overcast!
I found your site after learning that the T&H book has been published on the Bawa gardens. (It is now on my Christmas wish list). I have the book on Lunuganga. This was one of the main driving forces that got me to visit the gardens in the first place.