Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Reggie and his Parrot.

Reggie Poulier is one of the finest people I know. Not many people I know take time off to have a decent chat with their parrot.


O.B.S. said...

This is what I need too... Maybe ?...
hum !


An other beautiful B&W portrait Dom, as you always do !

Anonymous said...

Give the Parrot a Cabinet post ?

joel dousset said...

A nice portrait! About Yemen, my trip was just a few days before the 11 if september ( twin towers), and after the visas conditions changed. I don't know the conditions of the moment....did they agree for an individual visa?
Three days ago a kamikaze killed some tourist around Marib.
This country is my best remind, so far, each area very different,fascinating...
In Sanaa, I was in "Arabia felis hotel, in the old city.
Don't miss Al hajjara in the north.
Recently the Saada area have been very dangerous (fighting between gouv army and tribes).
Hope I will be back some day...

you can ask me for details.