Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deepak Puri - The Wizard of India

The title barely describes the man. Wizard of most parts of this earth would be better. If you knew Deepak, you would know what I mean. He is charming, super efficient, and the best key to any door in most parts of the world. He can also produce for you the best tasting mutton biriyani at the drop of a hat (or the raising of a phone). Deepak has worked at the TIME Magazine office in New Delhi for over thirty years and his desk is the first step for any photographer or writer who needs a hand in India. The greatest testament of thanks from his many friends is on his walls. He has one of the greatest single collections of photography that I have ever seen. Signed prints, each dedicated to him by the likes of Raghu Rai, Sebastian Salgado, Steve McCurry, Namas Bhojani, James Natchwey, John Stanmeyer and a host of other greats line his office walls.
Thanks Deepk, you have been a true friend to Naz and myself.

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