Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday 28th January 2006.


Hulu said...

Very glad to see you are starting a blog. I think you will be very surprised to see in the future how successfull it will be.

Good Luck, and keep sharing your wonderful work on Sri Lanka!!!

Ranjan Hulugalle Jr.

S said...

Can you syndicate this via RSS? If you do that people can keep track of updates without having to always come here .. and just automatically get notified of updates ..


Dominic Sansoni said...

Hi Shyam,

Let me try and check how this might be done... I have no idea at all how to syndicate via RSS but know someone who might be bale to help.
I have new pictures up nearly everyday.
Thank you for writing in,


Filmalaya said...

I like your pix on Lacnet. All you need to do is edit your template.
Post this in your template below links or soewhere where you want to the feeds availability notice to appear:

Site Feed

Also turn on Sidefeed in settings.

See more help here:

T. Vehkan, NJ